Jimmy LaFave “Trail 2” & “Trail 3”


Jimmy LaFave
“Trail Two” & “Trail Three” 
By Dean S.

A few observations – 1) Bob Dylan has written rather a few great songs; 2) pretty much everyone and their mothers have covered a couple of them; and 3) just because you’ve managed to memorize the lyrics and can carry a tune doesn’t mean you can pull it off.

Few people will argue that Bob Dylan has what would be classified as a “good” voice, but many of us will argue that he is a great singer.  Great songs tell stories, reveal character, and exorcize demons – great singers communicate the underlying pathos.

Jimmy LaFave is a great singer.  And on Trail(s) Two & Three he surveys a variety of the Bard’s songs – some old stand-bys; others a little off the beaten path – as well as a few rock, country, and blues chestnuts.  Jimmy’s originals are liberally dispersed through both sets and offer ample evidence of his quality as a songwriter.

Liner notes are negligible and his website offers even less insight to the provenance of these recordings – a nice mix of solo acoustic and electric group performances, some clearly concert recordings, others likely studio outtakes.  Regardless of the source, LaFave offers distinctive and insightful performances.  He’s an artist.  He don’t look back.


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