New Releases 11/25

Soundgarden “Screaming Life/Fopp”
One Direction “Midnight Memories”
Tom Stoppard “Darkside” (2 CD, including booklet)
Florida Georgia Line “Here’s To The Good Times… This Is How We Roll” (CD/DVD)
Issues “Issues”
Deicide“In The Minds Of Evil”
Frozen “Soundtrack”
Shearwater “Fellow Travelers”
Pitbull “Global Warming: Meltdown” (Deluxe edition)
Day To Remember “Common Courtesy” (Including DVD)
Hell “Cure & Chapter”
Avatarium “Avatarium”
Generation Kill “We’re All Gonna Die”
Artillery “Legions”
Wicked “Original Cast Recording” (Deluxe Edition, 2 CD)
Barbara Streisand “Back To Brooklyn”
One Direction “Midnight Memories” (Deluxe Edition, 2 CD)
Leaves’ Eyes “Symphonies Of The Night”
Hunger Games 2 “Score”
Destroyer “Five Spanish Songs”
Frozen “Soundtrack” (Deluxe Edition, 2 CD)
Keith Jarrett “No End” (2 CD)
Thelonious Monk “Paris 1969”


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