Music Top Sellers 11/26


1. Arcade Fire “Reflektor”

2. Pearl Jam “Lightning Bolt”

3. Beatles “Vol. 2 – On Air- Live at the BBC

4. Eminem “Marshall Mathers LP2”

5. Head & The Heart “Let’s Be Still”

6. Live at KEXP Vol. 9 “Live at KEXP Vol. 9”

7. Lady Gaga “Art Pop”

8. Jimi Hendrix Experience “Miami Pop Festival”

9. Lorde “Pure Heroine”

10. Ayron Jones “Dream”

11. Pink Martini “Get Happy”

12. Deltron 3030 “Event II”

13. Paul McCartney “New”

14. Red Fang “Whales & Leeches”

15. Beatles “Vol. 1 – Live at the BBC”

16. Willie Nelson “To All The Girls”

17. Cut Copy “Free Your Mind”

18. Mazzy Star “Seasons Of Your Day”

19. M.I.A. “Matangi”

20. Arctic Monkeys “AM”


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