Best of 2013 Staff Picks

By Jeremiah S.

1. Zomby “With Love”

This dubstep pioneer refuses to be pigeonholed and continues evolving his sound. This time around Zomby delivers haunting trap beats with his trademark piano melodies interspersed with some 90’s jungle revival business, reminding listeners that you have to know where you have been to know where you’re going.

2. Machinedrum “Vapor City”

The follow up to his breakout 2011 album Room(s), Machinedrum continues exploring the relationship between juke and jungle, taking both musical forms into a lush spacious territory.

rinse-22 copy
3. Kode9 “Rinse: 22″

Hyperdub label boss delivers his latest mix for the UK radio institution, Rinse. The mix begins as an overview of current UK dance music and finishes with a healthy dose of Chicago footwork, revealing the future direction of Hyperdub.

4. Jace Clayton “Julius Eastman Memory Depot”

This album features two piano pieces based on the compositions of composer Julius Eastman. Performed by dual pianists David Friend and Emily Manzo, and filtered/edited through custom software on Jace’s laptop, this album explores and pushes the boundaries of the piano’s sonic possibilities.

5. Author & Punisher “Women & Children”

Sorry Lou, but this is the real metal machine music.


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