Rosanne Cash “The River & The Thread”


Rosanne Cash

The River & The Thread

By Dean S.

Rosanne, like her daddy before her, straddles the boundaries of American music.  But, because she’s a Cash, everybody thinks country.  Well that’s fine, but it’s Country with a capital “C”.  And “C” stands for craft and that is what truly differentiates Rosanne from most of the singer/songwriters out there.  Everything she does is “just so.”  No histrionics, no virtuosic displays, no self-indulgent wordplay.  Her tempos and vocals remain firmly in the middle range.  The songs themselves are, however, “river deep and mountain high.”  Consider them as you might a piece of classic Shaker furniture – unadorned, purposeful, beautiful and unmatched in the perfection of their simplicity.  As ever, John Leventhal’s contribution cannot be overstated – producing, arranging, playing most everything, and co-writing the songs.  Theirs is a true partnership and The River & The Thread is an album for the ages.


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