Kylie Minogue: Kiss Me Once

kylie minogue

Kylie Minogue – Kiss Me Once

By Matt F.

In 2002, seemingly out of nowhere, Kylie Minogue released Fever. The album supplied a few minor radio hits which manifested into a respectable amount of commercial success and resulted in Ms. Minogue having a mid career revival (which for a sex-bomb pop star nearly 15 years past her initial fame was quite the accomplishment). More importantly though, she’s since managed to foster a loyal following due largely to the quality of her albums and knowing exactly for whom she’s making music. Her latest effort, Kiss Me Once, is no exception.

Kylie’s star has never burned as bright as say Britney Spears or Madonna, but because the spotlight isn’t always bearing down on her, she’s been granted a certain amount of flexibility with her music. On an album by album basis, Kylie’s are stronger than the competition, but remains consistently idiosyncratic. She also has an ear for talent and enlists the skills of other top pop songwriters and performers without leaching off their popularity like many of her peers attempt. Notable songwriters on Kiss Me Once include Sia (of Zero 7 fame) and Pharrell Williams who wrote what may be the best song on the album “I Was Gonna Cancel,” a bright and chipper number about remembering what’s important.

Other high points include “Sexercize” which is the logical conclusion to the other Aussie athletic-innuendo pop classic, Olivia Newton-John’s “Let’s Get Physical.” Not the most pithy song ever written (it’s about as meaningful as a song called “Sexercize” can be), but it’s fun, silly, and clearly written with her fan base in mind and will give her devotees something to dance to.

At this point, Kylie may not be making music for anyone but her fans, but dammit, we appreciate it.


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