Foxygen “…And Star Power”


By Joshua Daniel

Let me start out by stating that this is not an album review meant to tell you which band Foxygen is currently ripping off. Foxygen, a duo out of the San Francisco area, have created a modern psych masterpiece.  Using 24 songs, they take you through all the highs and lows in life and sound.  From the warm sounds of “Coulda Been My Love,” to the paranoid self-destructive lyrics of “I Don’t Have Anything/The Gate.”

This album is a proper double album with four distinct sections spread out on 4 sides of vinyl.  Vinyl is the perfect format to experience this album.  You really notice the band letting loose at several points. During the section of the album entitled “Side Three: Scream: Journey Through Hell”. This happens to probably have one of the best vocal introductions to an album I have heard.  I’ll let you experience this chapter of the record yourself.

The band is noisy and really knows how to let loose and rock unlike anything I have heard in the past. A large majority of the record seems to be recorded live in one take. Other parts are distinctly not one take.  Either way these are carefully crafted songs. At a few points it seems like the band is running out of ideas mid song, then they launch into another few minutes of music.  I just notice the glitch and keep bobbing my head.

There are a laundry list of guest stars on the album including The Flaming Lips, White Fence, Bleached, and Of Montreal. These bands are listed as being on the record but, you never notice any of the artists being out front in the mix.  If Foxygen is ripping off a band, they’re doing a really good job of finding the favorite qualities of all my favorite records and melting them altogether to fuse my new favorite record. Thanks a lot Foxygen, I’m now a believer.


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