Tweedy’s “Sukierae”


Joshua Daniel

Tweedy’s, “Sukierae” is the newest project from Wilco front man Jeff Tweedy. Joining him on this endeavor is his son, Spencer Tweedy. Given that Spencer Tweedy is young you might think that this is his debut, but Tweedy’s list of credits include work with White Denim, Mavis Staples and Johnny Irion.
“Sukierae” acts as a sort of songwriting exercise for Jeff Tweedy. Many of the songs on this record are like short sketches, and although brief in length, each song holds a lasting value. The songwriting contained on “Sukierae” is some of the best I have heard out of Jeff Tweedy, even considering the 10+ records Wilco has put out.
Much the album comes off as a folk record. Instrumentation runs bleak. Imagine a minimalist version of Wilco, specifically, the technical guitar & drum playing and noisy discordant notes of “A Ghost Is Born.”
I have been unable to stop playing this album since winning a promo copy from Silver Platters. Pick this record up! Your ears will be graced with an hour and eleven minutes of bliss.


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