The Radio Dept. “Pet Grief”

Radio Dept.

Joshua Daniel

Music meant to stare at your shoes to? I would say, “Yes please” to anyone offering me a record from any shoegaze band. And The Radio Dept. is no exception. The Radio Dept. is so much more complicated than a simple label would suggest.
The songs are mostly introspective, focusing on uncomfortable life situations. The lyrics are quirky and extremely witty.
On “Pet Grief” The Radio Dept. weave hazy guitars and synth with an upbeat tone and minimal vocals. The vocals are so faint it seems the singer is whispering. A steady electronic beat heads up the background. Songs fade together and complement each other. Even with the beats reaching to the point of pop music, you still get the shoe staring time with distorted guitars and well-timed melodies.
The Radio Dept. has released three equally good albums. “Pet Grief” is my choice to get you started with this Swedish band’s music.


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