Robert Trujillo Presents “Jaco a Documentary Film”


In the world of music there are many passion projects. A passion project is something you do for the love of getting your work out to the world or to show your passion for the work and art of others. For the people involved in making the project, it can be a way to show their love and support to those that have influenced their musical journey and career. For the fans of the people creating the passion project, supporting the work can be a way of expressing their appreciation for what the artist has meant to them and their musical journey.

Robert Trujillo (current bassist for Metallica) has been involved with a passion project of his own. A film about influential bassist Jaco Pastorius. In this video Trujillo talks with “For Bass Players Only” about Jaco Pastorious and the up coming film.

If you are a fan of Robert Trujillo, Metallica, or Jaco Pastorius please check out (opens a new window) for more information on how you can support Robert Trujillo’s passion project. Hopefully you can help get this film across the finish line for Record Store Day 2015.


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