New Release Music 2/24

New Releases

  1. Kid Rock “First Kiss”
  2. Led Zeppelin “Physical Graffiti”
  3. Deluxe Edition
    Super Deluxe Edition

  4. Devo “Hardcore Live”
  5. Theesatisfaction “Earthee”
  6. Ensiferum “One Man Army”
  7. Rob Zombie “Spookshow International”
  8. Hot Sugar “Gods Hands”
  9. Public Service Broadcasting “Race For Space”
  10. Of Mice & Men “Restoring Force: Full Circle”
  11. All That Remains “Order Of Things”
  12. James McMurtry “Complicated Game”
  13. Torche “Restarter”
  14. Muck “Your Joyous Future”
  15. Tall Tales & Silver Linings “Tightrope”
  16. Like A Storm “Awake The Fire”
  17. Matt Kearney “Just Kids”
  18. Chris Brown x Tyga “Fan Of The Album”
  19. Deluxe Edition

  20. JJ Grey & Mofro “Ol’ Glory”
  21. Badbadnotgood & Ghostface Killah “Sour Soul”
  22. Iron & Wine “Archive Series Vol. 1”
  23. Big Sean “Dark Sky Paradise”
  24. Deluxe Edition

  25. Agonist Eye Of Providence”
  26. Simone Dinnerstein “Broadway – Lafayette (Ravel, Lasser, Gershwin)”
  27. Black Star Riders “Killer Instinct”
  28. Deluxe Edition

  29. Airborne Toxic Event “Dope Machines”
  30. Carach Angren “This Is Not A Fairy Tale”
  31. Deluxe Edition

  32. Misterwives “Our Own House”
  33. Elvis Perkins “I Aubade”
  34. Camper Van Beethoven “New Roman Times”
  35. Chicago “Live In 75”
  36. Animals “Twain Shall Meet”
  37. Animals “Winds Of Chnage”
  38. Rick Springfield “Stripped Down”
  39. Rob Zombie “International Spookshow Live CD & Medium T-Shirt”
  40. Rob Zombie “International Spookshow Live CD & Large t-Shirt”
  41. Revolutionary Saints “Revolution Saints”
  42. Deluxe Edition

  43. Anouar Brahem“Souvenance: Music For Oud, Quartet & String Orchestra”
  44. Guess Who “Best Of The Guess Who”
  45. Jesse Harris “no Wrong No Right”
  46. Dan Deacon “Gliss Riffer”
  47. Demrick & Cali Cleve “Losing Focus”
  48. Fashawn “Ecology”
  49. Mahalia Barnes & Soul Mates “Ooh Yea: The Betty Davis Songbook”
  50. Jacky Terasson “Take This”
  51. Paul Jones “Suddenly I Like It”
  52. Various Artists “Songs Of Anarchy Vol. 4”
  53. Ewert & The Two Dragons “Circles”
  54. Colleen Green “I Want To Grow Up”
  55. Eclipse “Armageddonize”
  56. Uriah Heep “Live At Koko”
  57. Maurizio Pollini & Ludwig van Beethoven “Beethoven: Complete Piano Sonatas”
  58. Travis Bretzer “Waxing Romanitc”
  59. Gamma Pulse “Dead But Dreaming”
  60. Avi Avital “Vivaldi”
  61. Leadbelly “Smithsonian Folkways Collection”
  62. H.E.A.T. “Live In London”
  63. Saxon “Heavy Metal Thunder”
  64. Peppermint Harris “Bad Bad Whiskey: The Jewel Records Session”
  65. Ernie K Doe “You Gotta Love Me: The Greatest Hits Collection”
  66. Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee “Blowin’ Fuses: From Studio To Sage”
  67. Alcoa “Parlour Tricks”
  68. Keath Mead “Sunday Dinner”
  69. Inspector Cluzo “Gaschona Rocks”
  70. Soundtrack “Keep On Keepin’ On”
  71. Gibson Brothers “Brotherhood”
  72. Make Do & Mend “Don’t Belong”
  73. Verbs “Don’t Be Long”
  74. Jack Ladder & Dreamlanders “Playmates”
  75. Wind In Sails “Mornig Light”
  76. Seasons After “Calamity Scars & Memoirs”
  77. Makeshift Shelters “Something So Personal”
  78. Drkwav “Purge”
  79. Weedeater “Jason The Dragon”
  80. Girls, Guns & Glory “Tribute To Hank Williams Live”
  81. Tempest “Tracks We Leave”
  82. Cathedral “Supernatural Birth Machine”
  83. Diamond Rugs “Cosmetics”
  84. Verbs “Cover Story”
  85. Weedeater “Good Luck & Godspeed”
  86. Various Artists “Rough Guide To Psychedelic Salsa”
  87. Artisans Loyalists “Lonely Ghost”
  88. Oceans Ate Alaska “Lost Isles”
  89. Quiet Company “Transgressor”
  90. Smash Into Pieces “Apocalypse Dj”
  91. Inquisition “Invoking The Majestic Throne Of Satan”
  92. Confessor “Condemned”
  93. Verbs “Trip”
  94. Red “Of Beauty & Rage”
  95. Dr. Feelgood “I’m A Man (Best Of The Wilco Johnson Years 1974-1977)”
  96. Kristin Diable “Create Your Own Mythology”
  97. Various Artists “Rough Guide To African Groove”
  98. Various Artists “Ultra Dance 16”
  99. Emile Haynie “We Fall”
  100. Sophie Bevan & Mary Bevan “Mendelssohn In Birmingham Vol. 3”
  101. Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber “Heinrich Biber: Missa Salisburgensis – Requiem For 15 Voices”
  102. Europa Galante & Antonio Vivaldi “Vivaldi: L’estro armonico”
  103. Brodsky Quartet & Alexander Zemlinsky “Alexander Zemlinsky: String Quartets”
  104. Tempesta di Mare & Philadelphia Baroque Orchestra “Comedie et Tragedie Vol. 1”
  105. Jeroen van Veen & Ludovico Einaudi “Ludovico Einaudi: Piano Music”
  106. Issa “Crossfire”
  107. Champs “Vamala”
  108. Various Artists “Folk Song Arrangements”
  109. Artem Belogurov & Ethelbert Nevin “American Romantics – The Boston Scene”
  110. Elwins “Play For Keeps”
  111. Steve Rothery “Ghosts Of Pripyat”
  112. Maybeshewill “Fair Youth”
  113. Christopher Of The Wolves “Rhythms Of Sleep: Music For Deep Rest”
  114. Nasty “Shokka”
  115. Cliff Martinez “My Life As Directed By Nicolas Winding Refn (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)”
  116. Bedemon “Child Of Darkness”
  117. Jeff Strong “Power Nap Rejuvenator”
  118. Donna De Lory & Dave Stringer “Elixer: Songs Of Radiance Sutras”
  119. Sly & Robbie & Spicy “Reggae Power”
  120. Jeff Strong “Focused Attention: Music To Boost Your Brian”
  121. Nocturnus “Key”
  122. Tisziji Munoz & John Medeski “Songs Of Soundlessness”
  123. Lowest Pair “Sacred Heart Sessions”
  124. Joshua Leeds & Lisa Spector “Through A Cat’s Ear, Vol. 3 For The Prevention & Treatment Of Noise Phobias”
  125. Lions “Soul Riot”
  126. Maddie & Tae “Maddie & Tae”
  127. Raelynn “Me”
  128. Sarah Nemtanu & Deborah Nemtanu “Back & Alfred Schnittke: Violin Concertos”
  129. Wardruna “Yggdrasil”
  130. Eternal Death “Eternal Death”
  131. Solefald “World Metal Kosmopolis Sud”
  132. Keep Of Kalessin “Epistemology”
  133. Melanie Debiasio “No Deal Remixed Presented By Gilles Peterson”
  134. Yury Martynov & Franz Liszt “Beethoven & Liszt: Symphonies Nos. 4 & 5”
  135. Ignaz Pleyel “Hidden Gems 1”
  136. Strikeforce “Elegant Steel”
  137. Danny James “Pear”
  138. Gang Of Four “What Happens Next”
  139. Ronobir “Hypnosis: Deep House Sitar”
  140. Corsair “One Eyed Horse”
  141. Zom “Flesh Assimilation”
  142. John Debney & Nick Urata “The Cobbler (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)”
  143. Dina El Wedidi “Turning Back”
  144. Tania Saleh “Few Images”
  145. Soundtrack “Good Kill”
  146. Hacavitz “Hacavitz”
  147. Fetid Zombie “Grotesque Creation”
  148. Stygian Shore “Stygian Shore”
  149. High Power “High Power”
  150. Crypt Sermon “Out Of The Garden”
  151. Soundtrack “Merchants Of Doubt”
  152. Atomic Agressor “Sights Of Suffering”
  153. Scottish Ensemble & Dimitri Shostakovich “Shostakovich: Chamber Symphony”
  154. Bryan Hymel “Heroique: French Opera Arias”
  155. Vilde Frang & Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart “Mozart: Violin Concertos”
  156. James Howsmon & Eliesha Nelson “Permutations (Blu-Ray Audio)”
  157. Philippe Jaroussky & Jerome Ducros “Green: Melodies francaises on Poems by Paul Verlaine”
  158. Freiburger Barockorchester & Johann Bernhard Bach “JB Bach, JL Bach, Teleman, Fasch & Zelenka: Orchestral Suites”
  159. Monteverdi Choir & Monteverdi Orchestra “Purcell: Hail! Bright Cecilia”
  160. Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Dieterich Buxtehude “Dieterich Buxtehude: Cantatas”
  161. Les Arts Florissants & Claudio Monteverdi “Monteverdi: Vespro della Beata Vergine”
  162. Monteverdi Orchestra & George Frideric Handel “Handel: Dixit Dominus, Zado the Priest”
  163. A Sei Voci & Carlo Maria Gesualdo “Carlo Gesualdo: Tenebrae Responsories”
  164. Scott Ross & Domenico Scarlatti “Scarlatti: Essercizi per gravicembalo”
  165. Edward Picton-Turbervill & Cambridge Choir of Saint John’s College “Louis Vierne, Poulenc, Jean Langlais & Messiaen: French Sacred Choral Works”
  166. Alan Opie & Barry Banks “Sir Edward Elgar: King Olaf”
  167. V2 “We Are V2”
  168. Shams “One & All”
  169. Jenny Kim & Leopold Kozeluch “Leopold Kozeluch: Complete Keyboard Sonatas, Vol. 1”
  170. La Compagnia del Madrigale & Luca Marenzio “Luca Marenzio: Quinti libro di Madrigali – A Sei Voci”

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