The Sonics Signing And Meet & Greet.


The Sonics formed in 1963. Original members include Larry & Andy Paypas, Bob Bennett, Jerry Roslie and Rob Lind. The group released their first single “The Witch” in 1964 on Etiquette Records. By 1965 when the released their first full length album on Etiquette called “Here Are The Sonics” they were the band to see packing ballrooms and dancehalls all over the Northwest.
By the time they released their last album on the Etiquette Records, 1966’s ”The Sonic Boom” the band had established their place as one of the pioneering bands of garage, punk and what would later become alternative music.
The Sonics original line up decided to call it quits in 1966, each member perusing different musical directions and projects. They have left a lasting mark on music in the short time that they were together having influenced Nirvana, Eagles of Death Metal and the White Stripes.
Today the line up for the Sonics is Jerry Roslie, Rob Lind, Larry Parypa, Dusty Watson, and Freddie Dennis. They are releasing the Sonics 8th album called “This Is The Sonics.”

Sonics Signing and Meet & Greet

Silver Platters Bellevue 2616 Bellevue Way NE

Maonday March 30th




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