New Release Music 3/24

New Releases

  1. Courtney Barnett “Sometimes I Just Sit & Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit”
  2. Theories “Regression”
  3. Van Morrison “Duets: Re-Working The Catalogue”
  4. Jeff The Brotherhood “Wasted On A Dream”
  5. Seasick Steve “Sonic Soul Surfer”
  6. Curtis Knight & The Squires Feat. Jimi Hendrix “You Can’t Use My Name”
  7. Lightning Bolt “Fantasy Empire”
  8. Go! Team “Scene Between”
  9. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion “Freedom Tower: No Wave Dance Party 2015 “
  10. Joe Bonamassa “Muddy Wolf At Red Rocks”
  11. Zu “Cortar Todo”
  12. Incubus “Trust Fall (Side A) EP”
  13. Laura Marling “Short Movie”
  14. Sorcerer “In The Shadow If The Inverted”
  15. James Bay “Chaos & The Calm”
  16. Buena Vista Social Club “Lost & Found”
  17. Liturgy “Art Work”
  18. Gentle Storm “Diary”
  19. Barren Earth “On Lonely Towers”
  20. Nellie McKay “My Weekly Reader”
  21. Fulgora “Stratagem”
  22. Big Data “2.0”
  23. Karyn Crisis’ Gospel Of THe Wiches “Salem’s Wounds”
  24. Acacia Strain “Metal Wreckage Presents The Acacia Strain”
  25. Striking Matches “Nothing But Silence”
  26. Chastity Belt “Time To Go Home”
  27. Strung Out “Transmisson.Alpha.Delta”
  28. Silence “Silence”
  29. Thursday “Waiting: 15 Year Anniversary Deluxe Edition”
  30. Andy Gabbard “Fluff”
  31. Kansas “Miracles Out Of Nowhere”
  32. Deluxe

  33. Bee Gee “1974-1979”
  34. Smallpools “Lovetap”
  35. Too Close To Touch “Nerve Endings”
  36. Bjork “Vulnicura”
  37. Von Hertzen Brothers “New Day Rising”
  38. Michael Schenker & The Temple Of Rock“Spirit On A Mission”
  39. Darren Hanlon “Where Did You Come From”
  40. Groovie Ghoulies “Appetite For Adrenochrome”
  41. Lonelady “Hinterland”
  42. Charlatans “Modern Nature”
  43. Deluxe

  44. Kevin Eubanks & Jordan Stanley “Duets”
  45. Inquisition “Magnificent Glorification Of Lucifer”
  46. Soundtrack “Home”
  47. Hayden “Hey Love”
  48. Chon “Grow”
  49. Roger Taylor “Strange Frontier”
  50. Roger Taylor “Fun In Space”
  51. Oasis “Stop The Clocks”
  52. Eskmo “Sol”
  53. Niyaz “Fourth Light”
  54. Various Artists “Next Stop Soweto 4”
  55. Der Weg Einer Freiheit “Stellar”
  56. Happyness “Weird Little Birthday”
  57. Bombadil “Hold On”
  58. A.D.D. “Core”
  59. Perdition Temple “Tempter’s Victorious”
  60. Vamps “Bloodsuckers”
  61. Paul Simon “Original Album Classics”
  62. Opeth “Mornigrise”
  63. James “Laid”
  64. Geographer “Ghost Modern”
  65. Opeth “Orchid”
  66. Opeth “My Arms Your Hearse”
  67. Courage My Love “Becoming”
  68. Williams Shift “We Were Wonderers”
  69. Train “Platinum Album Collection”
  70. Kepi Ghoulie & The Accelorators “Fun In The Dark”
  71. The Acacia Strain “Metal Wreckage Presents The Acacia Strain”
  72. Justin Robinett “On Top Of The Covers”
  73. Tartu Popi Ja Roki Instituut “Marienbad”
  74. Frederick Michael St. Jude “Gang War”
  75. Loons “Inside Out Your Mind”
  76. Janis Joplin “Original Album Classics”
  77. John Denver “Original Album Classics”
  78. Kansas “Original Album Classics”
  79. Popol Vuh “Kailash: Pilgrimage To The Throne Of God”
  80. Blackberry Smoke “Holding All The Roses”
  81. Feufollet “Two Universes”
  82. Chris McNulty “Eternal”
  83. Mini Mansions “Great Pretenders”
  84. Toto “Toto XIV”
  85. Deluxe
    Super Deluxe

  86. James “Laid/Wah Wah”
  87. Mu-Ziq “XTLP”
  88. Brad Davis “Bluegrass Tribute To George Jones”
  89. Humming Horse “Revelries”
  90. Ray Stevens “Here We Go Again”
  91. Tony Bennett “Original Album Classics”
  92. Leo Bud Welch “I Don’t Prefer No BLues”
  93. Ben Goldberg “Orphic Machine”
  94. Carole King “Original Classic Albums”
  95. Dean Martin “Original Classic Albums”
  96. Disasterpeace “It Follows (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)”
  97. Various Artists “Classic American Ballads”
  98. Various Artists “Kidz Bop 28”
  99. Kirk Whalum “Gospel According To Jazz Chapter 4”
  100. Amy Hart “Live At The Mayne Stage”
  101. Original Cast Recording “Fortress Of Solitude”
  102. Gouge “Beyond Death”
  103. Monokino “Fake Virtue”
  104. Myrrors “Arena Negra”
  105. King Hitter “King Hitter”
  106. Bio-Cancer “Tormenting The Innocent”
  107. Steve Grand “All American Boy”
  108. Scott Lisbeth “Bird”
  109. Cribs “For All My Sisters”
  110. Willie Nile “Bottom Line Archive Series: (1980 & 200)”
  111. Fawn Spots “From Safer Place”
  112. Surf City “Jekyll Island”
  113. Kenny Rankin “Bottom Line Archive: Plays The Beatles & More (Live 1990)”
  114. Unrest “Grindcore”
  115. Holocausto “Campo De Exterminio”
  116. Poodles “Devil In The Details”
  117. Daryl Hance “Hallowed Ground”
  118. Dmitri Hvorostovsky & Nikolai Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov “Three Classic Albums: Dmitri Hvorostovsky”
  119. Hit The Lights “Summer Bones”
  120. Various Artists “Mercury Living Presents Vol. 3”
  121. Tisziji Monoz “Spirit First & last”
  122. Brecker Brothers “Bottom Line Archive Series: 1976 “
  123. Liz Madden “Legacy”
  124. Billy Martin “Wandering Music”
  125. Mugwump “Unspell”
  126. Rapper Big Pooh “Words Paint Pictures”
  127. Soundtrack “While We’re Young”
  128. Scuba “Claustrophobia”
  129. Jam City “Dream A Garden”
  130. JLin “Dark Energy”
  131. Like Pacific “Like Pacific”
  132. Daryl Hance “Land Of The Trembling Earth”
  133. Fats Domino “Blues Biography”
  134. Lloyd McNeil & Marsha Hawkins “Tanner Suite”
  135. Julion Alvarez Y Su Norteño Banda “El Aferrado”

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