Jib Kidder’s “Teaspoon To The Ocean”

Jib Kidder

David S.

Crashing through countless swells of riptides along his, almost decade-long journey through psychedelic-tinged rock and electronic experimentation;Jib Kidder’s newest release, “Teaspoon To The Ocean,” finds him washed up on the shores of a seemingly endless, desolate beachfront. Snapping out of his stupor and finding his long-lost sonic bearings.After sojourning in spells of spastic glitches of IDM, freeform noise rock, sunburned twangs of warped country, boisterous syncopations of sound collage, inebriated, hazy, and downright majestic drones, and even jubilant amalgamations of Middle Eastern melodies paired with raw hip hop sample breaks. His latest offer scoops up all of these disparate fever dreams, into one beguiling, wildly inventive, and altogether concise statement of rock music that, still intangible, drips elegantly downward into a pool of sheer exquisite songwriting.

What can only be described as psychedelicate, songs such as “Appetites,” “World Of Machines,” “Dozens,” among others demonstrate his process of modeling head-scratching, fragmented concepts and augmenting and contextualizing them to form a beautiful mosaics of harmony and instrumental wonder. Lay out your beach towel, pitch your umbrella and bask in the gentle embrace of these meditative grooves, as this serene masterwork is sure to satiate your anticipation of the summertime and all of the good vibes it promises.


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