Swervedriver’s “I Wasn’t Born To Lose You”


Joshua Daniel

I will start this off by admitting I am not a huge fan of early Swervedriver. I like most shoegaze music from the 90’s but their music failed to hit me in the right way. Then Swervedriver, like most of the 90’s shoegaze bands disappeared; only to make a come-back in 2014 along with other favorite 90’s bands.
The new album, “I Wasn’t Born To Lose You,” is an obvious upgrade in sound, a full on sonic attack with shimmering guitars and thick walls of sound. It’s really hard to pick out a standout track from this album because after each audio assault comes another sonic gem. You can hear plenty of guitar sounds similar to My Bloody Valentine, though this music is far removed from them in many ways. Always keeping an upbeat mood, this is more an intense driving album then a slow heavy dwelling record. Don’t let this album get away from you.
The guitars and drums keep a very steady upbeat tone, while the guitars are unruly, often distorted and discombobulated. The vocals are extremely melodic and complement the ruckus goings on behind them. Layers of intricate guitar noise and melody make this an extremely fun listen.
After Swervedriver’s long break it is apparent they got themselves finally figured out. Most 90’s bands will often admit they did not take themselves too seriously when the supposed shoegaze movement was happening. Most bands are reforming now and honing their craft to make some of the best songs ever written. I took a chance on this album based on a friend’s recommendation and am truly happy I listened! It truly is a great album and will surely be on the top of many people’s list of best albums of 2015.


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