Decibel Festival Preview

Decibel Line-up

Dave S.

This year marks the twelfth installment of Seattle’s premier electronic music festival, Decibel Festival, and its plethora of top-tier showcases and events are not to be missed! Each year, the festival rolls out the red carpet for some of the best, most exciting, new and veteran electronic music acts from across the globe alongside those making a mark locally. Dazzling, visually-oriented performances, chilled-out DJ sets, and bumping after parties are sprinkled throughout the downtown area for a series of nights guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.


Starting things off the night of Wednesday, September 23rd at Re-bar, local heroes, Kid Smpl & Raica will both be performing audio/visual sets before, Warp Records legend; Richard Devine takes the stage for a modular-based audio/visual set that will certainly raise eyebrows and moods alike. Hours later, over at Showbox Market our city will see just what all the hubbub is about when Nicolas Jaar takes the main stage for one of his highly touted DJ sets.


The following night, a slew of killer talent takes to multiple venues, with one of the most thrilling producers alive, Clark, and grade-A entertainer extraordinaire Dan Deacon place live audio-visual sets at Showbox Market. If perhaps, you prefer a bit more left-field and diverse showcase then Re-bar is the place for you. There, local talent, Bardo:Basho will cook up a spellbinding ambient stew before New-Mexico-via-Montana producer Experimental Housewife entrances with mesmerizing psychedelic techno, before Brooklyn’s Young Ejecta, Portland’s Natasha Kmeto and one of Planet Mu Records most inventive new footwork-inspired producers hailing from Indiana, Jlin, enchant the building for what is sure to be one of the best nights of music offered at the festival this year.


Friday, September 25th packs a monstrous wallop, with Russian-based Dasha Rush taking Neumos attendees of the Lucid Dream showcase on a journey into the subconscious, before Recondite lays it down for a live performance not to be missed; but that is not to say that Showbox Market does not demand your attention when an, ultra-rare, U.S. performance from a pair of the most notable, frenetic sound technicians, Autechre, headline a Resident Advisor showcase. If you’ve ever yearned for a clone of yourself so that you could partake in two festivities, simultaneously, Friday night might just be the nudge you need to finalize such medical breakthroughs… though, it might be a tad easier to simply line-up an Uber ride to accommodate both outings, instead.

Dasha Rush

Saturday night brings Dasha Rush back to the lovely Triple Door, as she and Tim Hecker conjure up live audio-visual spectacles that will leave you both speechless and inspired. Later, you can choose to mellow-out at Showbox Market for chilled-out live sets from Bellingham-native Manatee Commune, L.A.’s multitalented producer responsible for some of the more lush and alluring acts occurring at the fest this year. Taylor McFerrin, finished off with a delectable dessert DJ set a la Britain’s Bonobo. If you’re looking to trade-in your elegant eclecticism for a more forthright, four-to-the-floor Berlin techno onslaught, then look no further than the Kompakt-curated showcase, when Dauwd, John Tejada and Agoria accelerate the BPM as they raise the roof over at Neumos.

The brilliance of Decibel Fest does not just lie in its perfectly-curated line-up or its multi-venue accommodations and array of performance options, but in its desire to cater to as many different music appreciators and their given taste predilections, regardless of their affinity for electronic music as a whole. Whether you prefer mellow ambiance to banging, stupefying rhythms, or unique takes on catchy pop over mind-altering experiments into the extreme and earth-shaking tumults of noise, Decibel Fest always seeks to give its attendees a chance to take what they know and love and offer-up umpteen opportunities to expand one’s musical tastes and comfort zones. This year promises to season the town with vibrant flavors of new and old, with temperature options ranging from cool, mellow refreshment to the zestiest of flaming-hot sensations. Your minds’ and ears’ appetites have been growing, steadily, and in just a few weeks, it will be time to feed them well! Checkout for a comprehensive rundown on the festival program, tickets, information and more!! #dB2015 #dBfestival


Swervedriver’s “I Wasn’t Born To Lose You”


Joshua Daniel

I will start this off by admitting I am not a huge fan of early Swervedriver. I like most shoegaze music from the 90’s but their music failed to hit me in the right way. Then Swervedriver, like most of the 90’s shoegaze bands disappeared; only to make a come-back in 2014 along with other favorite 90’s bands.
The new album, “I Wasn’t Born To Lose You,” is an obvious upgrade in sound, a full on sonic attack with shimmering guitars and thick walls of sound. It’s really hard to pick out a standout track from this album because after each audio assault comes another sonic gem. You can hear plenty of guitar sounds similar to My Bloody Valentine, though this music is far removed from them in many ways. Always keeping an upbeat mood, this is more an intense driving album then a slow heavy dwelling record. Don’t let this album get away from you.
The guitars and drums keep a very steady upbeat tone, while the guitars are unruly, often distorted and discombobulated. The vocals are extremely melodic and complement the ruckus goings on behind them. Layers of intricate guitar noise and melody make this an extremely fun listen.
After Swervedriver’s long break it is apparent they got themselves finally figured out. Most 90’s bands will often admit they did not take themselves too seriously when the supposed shoegaze movement was happening. Most bands are reforming now and honing their craft to make some of the best songs ever written. I took a chance on this album based on a friend’s recommendation and am truly happy I listened! It truly is a great album and will surely be on the top of many people’s list of best albums of 2015.

New Release Movies 3/24

New Releases Movies

  1. Hobbit: Battle Of Five Armies
  2. Blu-Ray
    3D Blu-Ray

  3. Into The Woods
  4. Blu-Ray

  5. Unbroken
  6. Blu-Ray

  7. Joe Bonamassa – Muddy Wolf At Red Rocks
  8. Blu-Ray

  9. Thin Blue Line
  10. Blu-Ray

  11. Gates Of Heaven/Verno, Florida
  12. Blu-Ray

  13. Song One
  14. Monster High
  15. Musicares Tribute To Paul McCartney
  16. Blu-Ray

  17. Hobbit Motion Picture Trilogy
  18. Blu-Ray

  19. Miley Cyrus – Bangerz Tour
  20. Blu-Ray

  21. Liars Fries & Bears
  22. Mondo New York
  23. Cell Count
  24. Blu-Ray

  25. Ebola Zombies
  26. Blind Woman’s Curse (Blu-Ray/DVD)
  27. Sure Thing
  28. Digging Up The Marrow
  29. Blu-Ray

  30. Convicts (Blu-Ray)
  31. Chattahooche (Blu-Ray)
  32. Vincent & Theo
  33. Blu-Ray

  34. End Of Violence (Blu-Ray)
  35. Best Seller (Blu-Ray)
  36. Cover Up
  37. Blu-Ray

  38. At War Wit The Army
  39. Blu-Ray

  40. Kansas – Miracles Out Of Nowhere
  41. Hell Hole
  42. Marvel Knights: Wolverine VS Sabertooth Reborn
  43. Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume 32
  44. Mr. Bean: The Whole Bean (Complete Series)
  45. Without Pity
  46. Tom Sawyer-A Musical Adaptation
  47. The Andy Milligan Grindhouse Experience Triple Feature: The Ghastly Ones – Guru The Mad Monk – The Body Beneath…
  48. College Coeds VS Zombie Housewives
  49. Digging My Own Grave: The Films Of Caveh Zahedi
  50. Lonesome Dove Church
  51. John Ford: Dreaming The Quiet Man
  52. Roommates/ A Women For All Men (Blu-Ray Double Feature)
  53. The Shattering
  54. Battle Castle
  55. Let’s Roll
  56. If A Tree Falls
  57. Outlaw Riders
  58. Smoking Laws
  59. Krankenhaus
  60. Another Girl Planet
  61. Payday
  62. My Boy
  63. Sins Of Dracula
  64. Fat Planet
  65. Frankenstein’s Hungry Dead
  66. Acute Psychosis: Highway To Hell
  67. Nova: Sunken Ship Rescue
  68. Everything Is Terrible
  69. Hillbilly Horror Show 2
  70. Clones
  71. Mutant Vampire Zombies From The Hood!
  72. Sin Fronteras/Without Borders
  73. Visceral: Between The Ropes Of Madness
  74. Revolution 666
  75. Memory Lane
  76. Aliens & UFO’s: Forbidden Origins
  77. Paranormal Portals: Haunted Hotels, Inns & Grills
  78. Diamond Heist
  79. Clean Spirit
  80. Myth Hunters (Season 1)
  81. Three In Bed

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Weekly Top Sellers Movies


  1. Birdman
  2. DVD

  3. Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Pt. 1
  4. DVD

  5. Game Of Thrones (Season 4)
  6. DVD

  7. Whiplash
  8. DVD

  9. Big Hero 6
  10. DVD

  11. Theory Of Everything
  12. DVD

  13. Foxcatcher
  14. DVD

  15. Homesman
  16. DVD

  17. Interview
  18. DVD

  19. Tale Of The Princess Kaguya
  20. DVD

  21. Watership Down
  22. DVD

  23. Devo – Hardcore
  24. DVD

  25. New England Patriots- Super Bowl XLIX Champions
  26. DVD

  27. Jeff Beck – Live In Tokyo
  28. DVD

  29. Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb
  30. DVD

  31. Nightcrawler
  32. DVD

  33. Fellini Satyricon (Blu-Ray)
  34. Fury
  35. DVD

  36. Grifters
  37. DVD

  38. Reconstruction: The Second Civil War

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David S.

Recently, I had the great privilege of attending a concert of one of my favorite instrumentalists, Daniel Lanois. That night, he played with an incredible pair of skilled musicians, Rocco DeLuca (on guitar) and Kyle Crane (on drums). While DeLuca and Lanois seemed to almost become one musician on-stage, blending vocals and samplers with electric and pedal steel guitars, it was the inclusion of Crane’s complimentary and absolutely sensational performance that made me not only reevaluate my love of the drum, but recall the tremendous cinematic achievement of a music film that was 2014’s, “Whiplash.” A movie many esteemed professional drummers have shunned, while just as many cinephiles have drooled-over it and consider it, already, to be an instant music film classic. Its overall intention seeks to answer the question of how far we will go to reach our true potential and just who, exactly, is in the driver’s seat for the ride.
Director Damien Chazelle tells the story of an aspiring young jazz drummer, Andrew Neiman (played by the brilliant Miles Teller), as he strives to become one of the best. Working both alongside and at odds with a tyrannical conductor of an elite jazz band, Terence Fletcher (a role J.K. Simmons absolutely nails), at a music school in New York. Initially, Neiman seems eager to maintain a balance in his life as a drummer striving to prove himself amidst his casual, average young adult life, connecting with his dad on movie nights and mustering up the courage to begin dating a girl he’s fancied, that works at the movie theater he frequents. What begins as a sign of a stable, everyday life turns into a questionable semblance of order upon Fletcher giving him a foot in the door, drumming in his exclusive band. Neiman must then confront the reality many of us face in our own lives: should we choose to seek out our creative potential, going all-in on what we consider to be our truest passion and purpose in life, or manage these creative pursuits at a less taxing capacity, seeking to live a comfortable, more assured existence, preferring complacency over complexity.
The film develops a menacing rift between Neiman’s envisioned perfectionism under the leadership of a belligerent, domineering music instructor and the standard comforts of what he sees as a normal, everyday life of going to school, spending time with family and his newfound attempt at romance. The limitless energy with which “Whiplash” encapsulates its viewers is neither uplifting nor upsetting, as Fletcher flippantly alternates between bolstering Neiman’s motivation and resolve with a series of back-patting, adulation, and moments of private, conversational bonding only to use such candid information and pleasantries against him during tumultuous scenes of band practice.
To call the film an emotional roller coaster is inaccurate, as roller coasters have tracks and mechanics to guide its occupants in a clear direction and at an overtly fast, yet safe pace with a defined end. “Whiplash,” however, erratically jostles its audience into various tangents of Neiman’s conflicts with chilling self-doubt and abuse, forcing us to question the importance of a dream if it means decimating every one of our fundamental values and the relationships with those we care about. Worse yet, what if we are baited into our own self-destruction by another that masks their support and respect for us in guilt and fear-mongering?
Early on in the movie, we’re given a telling bit of dialogue, between Neiman and his father, when the latter states, “When you get to be my age, you get perspective.” To which Neiman defiantly responds, “I don’t want perspective.” There becomes no middle-ground for a hungry, gifted musician, Neiman comes to believe- failure is being average, and accepting its conditions and personal victory and the recognition that comes with it is worth the risk.
Near the film’s end, having suffered from his paramount moment of humiliation, after having had the rug pulled out from under him, we see our battered protagonist approach a clear fork in the road: to admit defeat, both internal and interpersonal among his father and oppressive band leader, or take all of that disgust and shame and dish it right back at its source, seeking instead, to prove himself and discover his rawest, most unabashed creative potential. What follows is one of the most powerful musical statements and displays of emotional release seen on the big screen in some time – a truly unforgettable and equally open-ended finale to a long, hard-fought battle for the self and its journey to greatness.
The film has come under much scrutiny, as its performances by actor Miles Teller, musically speaking, were a clever mix of live and overdubbed audio/video editing. Most of what you see on-screen is Teller putting his all into live drumming, while the music, itself, seems to have been ghost-drummed, so to speak, by a number of talented, more importantly, as of yet unnamed professionals.
I was at the back of the audience at the Daniel Lanois show, so I definitely did not hear his banter with the crowd in between songs as clearly as I could have, but the moment came when Lanois acknowledged his drummer, Crane, who he jokingly undersold as being, essentially, ‘pretty good’, and that he had discovered him at a club, down the street from the studio he records at, in Los Angeles. From what I could tell, Lanois then mentioned something along the lines of, “…Kyle, here, also leant his skills to a lot of what you may have heard in last year’s movie, “Whiplash”…he’s got such a great heart and it’s a real pleasure having him playing with us on this tour…” Subconsciously, I had had the sense, before that apparent reveal, that there was something truly remarkable and distinguishing about Crane and his total domination of the drums, that night, so having one of my favorite recent live concert performances tie in so seamlessly with one of my favorite recent films left me with such an unparalleled feeling of gratification.
Seeing both the Hollywood actor drummer and the live, touring drummer put everything on the table for their audience and make such powerful statements for their respective talents reminds me of something very striking J.K. Simmons recently said at a panel about the movie, quoting Miles Teller, “It’s easier to be exhausted than to act exhausted”. It was obvious that the movie was about a visceral endurance test, showcasing a haunting look into humanity’s struggle with success and its many hardships. Regardless of Miles’ performances’ musical authenticity of technique and form, if you enjoy jazz, drums, or, really, the idea of anything moving you, emotionally, with sound, “Whiplash” is sure to leave you speechless, conflicted, and amply exhausted over what is wrong and what is right in love and music.

Weekly Top Sellers Music


  1. Bob Dylan “Shadows In The Night”
  2. Sleater-Kinney “No Cities To Love”
  3. Decemberists “What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World”
  4. Diana Krall “Wallfower”
  5. Belle & Sebastian “Girls In Peacetime Want Want To Dance”
  6. Taylor Swift “1989”
  7. Mark Ronson “Uptown Special”
  8. Father John Misty “I Love You Honeybear”
  9. Sam Smith “In The Lonely Hour”
  10. Deluxe Edition

  11. Guardians Of The Galaxy “Soundtrack”
  12. Guardians Of The Galaxy “Awesome Mixtape: Vol 1”
  13. Marilyn Manson “Pale Emperor”
  14. Deluxe Edition

  15. Pink Floyd “Endless River”
  16. CD & DVD
    CD & Blu-Ray

  17. D’Angelo “Black Messiah”
  18. George Ezra “Wanted On Voyage”
  19. Deluxe Edition

  20. Joey Bada$$ “B4.DA.$$”
  21. Bob Dylan & The Band “Basement Tapes Raw: The Bootleg Series Vol. 11”
  22. Bob Dylan & The Band “Basement Tapes Complete: The Bootleg Series Vol. 11”
  23. Foo Fighters “Sonic Highways”
  24. Gov’t Mule “Sco-Mule”
  25. Periphery “Juggernaut: Alpha”
  26. Periphery “Juggernaut: Omega”
  27. Gov’t Mule “Dark Side Of The Mule”
  28. Deluxe Edition

  29. Annie Lennox “Nostalgia”
  30. Meghan Trainor “Title”
  31. Deluxe Edition

  32. Ryan Bigham “Fear & Saturday Night”
  33. New Basement Tapes “Lost On The River”
  34. Deluxe Edition

  35. Panda Bear “Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper”
  36. Indie Exclusive

  37. Lucinda Williams “Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone”
  38. Blind Guardian “Beyond The Red Mirror”
  39. Deluxe Edition

  40. Aphex Twin “Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt. 2”
  41. Lupe Fiasco “Tetsuo & Youth”
  42. Various Artists “2015 Grammy Nominees”
  43. Hozier “Hozier”
  44. AC/DC “Rock Or Bust”
  45. War On Drugs “Lost In The Dream”
  46. Jamie Cullum “Interlude”
  47. Fall Out Boy “American Beauty/American Psycho”
  48. Napalm Death “Apex Predator – Easy Meat”
  49. Punch Brothers “Phosphorescent Blues”
  50. Nicki Minaj “The Pinkprint”
  51. Deluxe Edition

  52. Sia “1000 Forms Of Fear”
  53. Barbra Streisand “Partners”

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Free Wovenwar In-Store Performance


Wovenwar rose from the ashes of As I Lay Dying in the spring of 2013. Featuring Shane Blay (Oh, Sleeper) on vocals, Nick Hipa on guitar, Phil Sgrosso on guitar, Josh Gilbert on bass, and Jordan Mancino on drums. Wovenwar’s self titled debut album was produced by Bill Stevenson (Black Flag, The Descendents) and Jason Livermore. The album debuted at #36 On Billboard Top 200, #13 On Billboard Rock Albums and #1 on iTunes Metal. They are currently on the “Charming America” tour with In Flames, and All That Remains.

Wovenwar In-Store Performence

Silver Platter SoDo 2930 1st Ave. South

Saturday March 7th