EZTV’s “Calling Out”


Joshua Daniel

EZTV’s “Calling Out” totally flew under my radar for months after its release from Captured Tracks in July. Captured tracks puts out a lot of quality stuff. Yet it still somehow evaded me. I had no idea what it was and to be honest I thought it might sound somewhat like Mac Demarco, alas it doesn’t in the least.
EZTV is a band from Brooklyn, however it does have a member from Seattle that used to run Cairo on Capitol Hill. The record has an immediate pop rock attack that you grew to love from bands like Big Star. The sound is very immediate and catchy. Production is very on point with smartly written pop rock songs. This is however not a complete rip off of the classic records you know to love. EZTV add their own spin on things with somewhat lazy vocal styling, more guitar production and lots of overall harmony.
I first heard of the band through Kevin Cole on KEXP. He played a track and I pulled my phone out to check the artist, adding it to my favorites. The next day he played another track, I did the same. This continued until I went on my phone and previewed the record. I kept the record on repeat. I ran to Silver Platters and purchased the record. It’s a constant spinner on my turntable. This record is definitely going to be in my top 5 releases of the year. It will appeal to any generation that knows and loves classic rock or pop rock.


Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens’ “Cold World”

Naomi Shelton

Joshua Daniel

In mid 2014 I picked up Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queen’s “Cold World” from Silver Platters based solely on the cover and the hype sticker Daptone Records placed on it. The sticker read that this record contained, “Soul music of the highest caliber.” I brought the record home and spun it. I then spun it again and again. I have not been able to put this record down. I even recommended this album to at least 6 friends that ask for my help with music. They immediately asked me to buy them a copy.

Born in the 40’s Naomi Shelton is an old school gospel singer. She started her career in church choirs and moved to adapt a soul sound to gospel music. Her music is akin to The Staple singers in many ways lyrically. The production on “Cold World” is spot on with Gabriel Roth running the show. You can expect the typical slick Daptone production you have heard with Sharon Jones, Charles Bradley and the Budos Band. Many of Daptone’s house players lend a hand in instrumentation.

Though this is a soul record I would almost label it folk lyrically. Most songs describe the trials of the world and rising up above the smoke. Other songs are devotional songs praising Jesus. Although, I am not a Christian I find this music to stands up above its religious undertones. It must be said this record was recorded in Mono. That holds some significance because this album would fit in and rival any soul or gospel music put out before it.

Have you paid attention to Charles Bradley on KEXP or maybe Sharon Jones? I feel that this record deserves the same attention as either of those two artists. Surprisingly there are copies still floating around in each of the Silver Platters locations. Go pick this record up and put it on your turntable or in your cd player and turn the music up. You literally will receive a smile on your face and a warm feeling in your heart after listening.

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Hit It Big with Liliput and the Vinyl Junkie


The Vinyl Junkie & Liliput

During 1978 in the ashes of punk rock, a series of alternative, hard-edged bands such as Wire, Gang of Four and others formed to keep the edge of British punk alive in Europe. Liliput, (originally named Kleenex), became an all-female vanguard of this new wave.
The band line-up included Regula Sing on vocals; guitarist Marlene Marder (Marlene Marti); Klaudia Schiff on bass and guitar; and drummer Lislot Ha (Lieselotte Hafner). After an EP on a small Swiss label, the foursome signed to the progressive and important British cooperative label, Rough Trade, and in 1978 released their debut single, “Ain’t You.”
By 1982, armed with new vocalist Chrigle Freund, the Swiss band released their first, self-titled LP (Rough Trade 43). This extremely hard-to-find record, for sale at Silver Platters, showcases the brittle, tense, post-punk era and additionally features one of the best all-female groups that arose during and after the punk explosion. It includes such post-punk classics as “Do You Mind My Dream,” “In a Mess,” and “Feel Like Snakes, Twisting Through the Fog.”
Along with such bands as the Slits, Liliput defined female rock during the period and should not be overlooked! If you enjoy early Wire and even the more popish B-52s, you must have this record.

Dave Szatmary

Author of “Rockin’ In Time”

Swervedriver’s “I Wasn’t Born To Lose You”


Joshua Daniel

I will start this off by admitting I am not a huge fan of early Swervedriver. I like most shoegaze music from the 90’s but their music failed to hit me in the right way. Then Swervedriver, like most of the 90’s shoegaze bands disappeared; only to make a come-back in 2014 along with other favorite 90’s bands.
The new album, “I Wasn’t Born To Lose You,” is an obvious upgrade in sound, a full on sonic attack with shimmering guitars and thick walls of sound. It’s really hard to pick out a standout track from this album because after each audio assault comes another sonic gem. You can hear plenty of guitar sounds similar to My Bloody Valentine, though this music is far removed from them in many ways. Always keeping an upbeat mood, this is more an intense driving album then a slow heavy dwelling record. Don’t let this album get away from you.
The guitars and drums keep a very steady upbeat tone, while the guitars are unruly, often distorted and discombobulated. The vocals are extremely melodic and complement the ruckus goings on behind them. Layers of intricate guitar noise and melody make this an extremely fun listen.
After Swervedriver’s long break it is apparent they got themselves finally figured out. Most 90’s bands will often admit they did not take themselves too seriously when the supposed shoegaze movement was happening. Most bands are reforming now and honing their craft to make some of the best songs ever written. I took a chance on this album based on a friend’s recommendation and am truly happy I listened! It truly is a great album and will surely be on the top of many people’s list of best albums of 2015.

Jib Kidder’s “Teaspoon To The Ocean”

Jib Kidder

David S.

Crashing through countless swells of riptides along his, almost decade-long journey through psychedelic-tinged rock and electronic experimentation;Jib Kidder’s newest release, “Teaspoon To The Ocean,” finds him washed up on the shores of a seemingly endless, desolate beachfront. Snapping out of his stupor and finding his long-lost sonic bearings.After sojourning in spells of spastic glitches of IDM, freeform noise rock, sunburned twangs of warped country, boisterous syncopations of sound collage, inebriated, hazy, and downright majestic drones, and even jubilant amalgamations of Middle Eastern melodies paired with raw hip hop sample breaks. His latest offer scoops up all of these disparate fever dreams, into one beguiling, wildly inventive, and altogether concise statement of rock music that, still intangible, drips elegantly downward into a pool of sheer exquisite songwriting.

What can only be described as psychedelicate, songs such as “Appetites,” “World Of Machines,” “Dozens,” among others demonstrate his process of modeling head-scratching, fragmented concepts and augmenting and contextualizing them to form a beautiful mosaics of harmony and instrumental wonder. Lay out your beach towel, pitch your umbrella and bask in the gentle embrace of these meditative grooves, as this serene masterwork is sure to satiate your anticipation of the summertime and all of the good vibes it promises.

New Release Movies 3/24

New Releases Movies

  1. Hobbit: Battle Of Five Armies
  2. Blu-Ray
    3D Blu-Ray

  3. Into The Woods
  4. Blu-Ray

  5. Unbroken
  6. Blu-Ray

  7. Joe Bonamassa – Muddy Wolf At Red Rocks
  8. Blu-Ray

  9. Thin Blue Line
  10. Blu-Ray

  11. Gates Of Heaven/Verno, Florida
  12. Blu-Ray

  13. Song One
  14. Monster High
  15. Musicares Tribute To Paul McCartney
  16. Blu-Ray

  17. Hobbit Motion Picture Trilogy
  18. Blu-Ray

  19. Miley Cyrus – Bangerz Tour
  20. Blu-Ray

  21. Liars Fries & Bears
  22. Mondo New York
  23. Cell Count
  24. Blu-Ray

  25. Ebola Zombies
  26. Blind Woman’s Curse (Blu-Ray/DVD)
  27. Sure Thing
  28. Digging Up The Marrow
  29. Blu-Ray

  30. Convicts (Blu-Ray)
  31. Chattahooche (Blu-Ray)
  32. Vincent & Theo
  33. Blu-Ray

  34. End Of Violence (Blu-Ray)
  35. Best Seller (Blu-Ray)
  36. Cover Up
  37. Blu-Ray

  38. At War Wit The Army
  39. Blu-Ray

  40. Kansas – Miracles Out Of Nowhere
  41. Hell Hole
  42. Marvel Knights: Wolverine VS Sabertooth Reborn
  43. Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume 32
  44. Mr. Bean: The Whole Bean (Complete Series)
  45. Without Pity
  46. Tom Sawyer-A Musical Adaptation
  47. The Andy Milligan Grindhouse Experience Triple Feature: The Ghastly Ones – Guru The Mad Monk – The Body Beneath…
  48. College Coeds VS Zombie Housewives
  49. Digging My Own Grave: The Films Of Caveh Zahedi
  50. Lonesome Dove Church
  51. John Ford: Dreaming The Quiet Man
  52. Roommates/ A Women For All Men (Blu-Ray Double Feature)
  53. The Shattering
  54. Battle Castle
  55. Let’s Roll
  56. If A Tree Falls
  57. Outlaw Riders
  58. Smoking Laws
  59. Krankenhaus
  60. Another Girl Planet
  61. Payday
  62. My Boy
  63. Sins Of Dracula
  64. Fat Planet
  65. Frankenstein’s Hungry Dead
  66. Acute Psychosis: Highway To Hell
  67. Nova: Sunken Ship Rescue
  68. Everything Is Terrible
  69. Hillbilly Horror Show 2
  70. Clones
  71. Mutant Vampire Zombies From The Hood!
  72. Sin Fronteras/Without Borders
  73. Visceral: Between The Ropes Of Madness
  74. Revolution 666
  75. Memory Lane
  76. Aliens & UFO’s: Forbidden Origins
  77. Paranormal Portals: Haunted Hotels, Inns & Grills
  78. Diamond Heist
  79. Clean Spirit
  80. Myth Hunters (Season 1)
  81. Three In Bed

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