The Vinyl Junkie Reviews Affinity


The Vinyl Junkie Returns

Sorry for the long silence, but I took a road trip to Phoenix on a record-finding expedition.

Since I left, Silver Platters has been inundated with many new collectibles that will amaze you. During the next few weeks, I will highlight two of them at a time.

For you progressive rock fans, SP snagged a collectible, which I never saw or heard, the first and only LP from the band, Affinity. They found the first American pressing of this gem on Paramount PAS 5027, released in 1970.

This self-titled LP of the British band contains rare psychedelia and Hammond B-3-driven progressive rock. You can be transported by the seductive vocals of Linda Hoyle and fuzzy guitar gyrations on such tunes as “Night Flight,” which conjures images of the Doors at their best. The band turns to a more jazzy, horn-dominated sound on “I Am and So Are You,” which ends with a killer guitar solo. Affinity also offers an orchestrated version of the Everly Brothers’ “I Wonder If I Care as Much” and an eleven-minute extravaganza, a remake of Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower.” Throughout, Hoyle sounds like a grittier version of her heroine, Grace Slick, and delivers powerful emotions as she and the band successfully bridge the gap between psychedelia of the late 1960s to the emerging progressive rock of the early 1970s.

For those of you interested in classic acid and progressive rock, please check out this item at Silver Platters in SoDo. You may never find it again!

Dr. Dave Szatmary

Author Of

“Rockin’ In Time”