Decibel Festival Preview

Decibel Line-up

Dave S.

This year marks the twelfth installment of Seattle’s premier electronic music festival, Decibel Festival, and its plethora of top-tier showcases and events are not to be missed! Each year, the festival rolls out the red carpet for some of the best, most exciting, new and veteran electronic music acts from across the globe alongside those making a mark locally. Dazzling, visually-oriented performances, chilled-out DJ sets, and bumping after parties are sprinkled throughout the downtown area for a series of nights guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.


Starting things off the night of Wednesday, September 23rd at Re-bar, local heroes, Kid Smpl & Raica will both be performing audio/visual sets before, Warp Records legend; Richard Devine takes the stage for a modular-based audio/visual set that will certainly raise eyebrows and moods alike. Hours later, over at Showbox Market our city will see just what all the hubbub is about when Nicolas Jaar takes the main stage for one of his highly touted DJ sets.


The following night, a slew of killer talent takes to multiple venues, with one of the most thrilling producers alive, Clark, and grade-A entertainer extraordinaire Dan Deacon place live audio-visual sets at Showbox Market. If perhaps, you prefer a bit more left-field and diverse showcase then Re-bar is the place for you. There, local talent, Bardo:Basho will cook up a spellbinding ambient stew before New-Mexico-via-Montana producer Experimental Housewife entrances with mesmerizing psychedelic techno, before Brooklyn’s Young Ejecta, Portland’s Natasha Kmeto and one of Planet Mu Records most inventive new footwork-inspired producers hailing from Indiana, Jlin, enchant the building for what is sure to be one of the best nights of music offered at the festival this year.


Friday, September 25th packs a monstrous wallop, with Russian-based Dasha Rush taking Neumos attendees of the Lucid Dream showcase on a journey into the subconscious, before Recondite lays it down for a live performance not to be missed; but that is not to say that Showbox Market does not demand your attention when an, ultra-rare, U.S. performance from a pair of the most notable, frenetic sound technicians, Autechre, headline a Resident Advisor showcase. If you’ve ever yearned for a clone of yourself so that you could partake in two festivities, simultaneously, Friday night might just be the nudge you need to finalize such medical breakthroughs… though, it might be a tad easier to simply line-up an Uber ride to accommodate both outings, instead.

Dasha Rush

Saturday night brings Dasha Rush back to the lovely Triple Door, as she and Tim Hecker conjure up live audio-visual spectacles that will leave you both speechless and inspired. Later, you can choose to mellow-out at Showbox Market for chilled-out live sets from Bellingham-native Manatee Commune, L.A.’s multitalented producer responsible for some of the more lush and alluring acts occurring at the fest this year. Taylor McFerrin, finished off with a delectable dessert DJ set a la Britain’s Bonobo. If you’re looking to trade-in your elegant eclecticism for a more forthright, four-to-the-floor Berlin techno onslaught, then look no further than the Kompakt-curated showcase, when Dauwd, John Tejada and Agoria accelerate the BPM as they raise the roof over at Neumos.

The brilliance of Decibel Fest does not just lie in its perfectly-curated line-up or its multi-venue accommodations and array of performance options, but in its desire to cater to as many different music appreciators and their given taste predilections, regardless of their affinity for electronic music as a whole. Whether you prefer mellow ambiance to banging, stupefying rhythms, or unique takes on catchy pop over mind-altering experiments into the extreme and earth-shaking tumults of noise, Decibel Fest always seeks to give its attendees a chance to take what they know and love and offer-up umpteen opportunities to expand one’s musical tastes and comfort zones. This year promises to season the town with vibrant flavors of new and old, with temperature options ranging from cool, mellow refreshment to the zestiest of flaming-hot sensations. Your minds’ and ears’ appetites have been growing, steadily, and in just a few weeks, it will be time to feed them well! Checkout for a comprehensive rundown on the festival program, tickets, information and more!! #dB2015 #dBfestival