Ty Segall “Manipulator”


By Zoe K.

Ty Segall is basically the rock ‘n roll King Midas: everything he touches turns shiny and gold. His new album Manipulator is his latest gift, and it’s also his most polished and memorable release to date. It is epic and passionate, full of catchy guitar riffs, falsetto harmonies, and a driving drum beat that keeps the energy high. Tracks like “Feel” are downright groovy thanks to some fantastic bass-playing. The album has been meticulously crafted and it shows. There is not a single skippable track on the 60 minute album. The gift just keeps on giving.

Last year’s release Sleeper was largely a product of recent events in Ty’s life. The result was a personal, clean sound due to the mostly acoustic instrumentation. Manipulator is a return to the fuzzy, distorted sounds of his prior work. The lyrical themes range from confronting authority to feeling isolation to expressing oneself through art.

The influences of his music range from glam artists like T. Rex and David Bowie to Black Sabbath and Neil Young. But Manipulator is not just a patchwork quilt of sounds taken from all these different sources. The album is his creation made possible by all the rhythms and melodies floating through his head.

Part of Manipulator’s appeal is that it is accessible to anyone who loves music with great energy and a fair share of attitude. Now is the time for newcomers to check out Ty Segall for the first time and old fans to rekindle the flame of admiration. I only wonder what he’ll give us next.