Phantogram “Voices”




By Katie M.

On Phantogram‘s sophomore release Voices, the duo (Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel) continue to do what they do best:  create simultaneously gritty and danceable tunes. Produced by John Hill (M.I.A and Santigold), Voices punches and grabs for the listener’s attention. Each track is dark and catchy and only gets better over time. The single, “Fall in Love” is incredibly powerful and perfectly showcases the couples love of  hip-hop. The more somber tunes on the album,   “Black Out Days” and “Bill Murray”  are striking in their own way and provide a great contrast to the more upbeat tracks. Although the album is out on a major label, it doesn’t lose its independent feel: the production is subtle and both Carter and Barthel’s voices sound better than ever. Voices is an album that showcases a band who has found their voice and deserve to be heard.