New Releases 1/13

New Releases

  1. Panda Bear “Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper”
  2. Indie Exclusive

  3. Ting Tings “Super Critical”
  4. Mark Ronson “Uptown Special”
  5. Meghan Trainor “Title LP”
  6. Deluxe Edition

  7. Crown “Death Is Not Dead”
  8. Dan Mangan “Blacksmith/Club Meds”
  9. Pain Of Salvation “Falling Home”
  10. Another Day Another Time “Celebrating The Music Of ‘Inside Llewyn Davis'”
  11. Guster “Evermotion”
  12. Hateful Abandon “Liars-Bastards”
  13. Justin Townes Earle “Absent Fathers”
  14. Jazmine Sullivan “Reality Show”
  15. DMX “Redemption Of The Beast”
  16. Brian Wilson “No Pier Pressure”
  17. Deluxe Edition

  18. Fences “Lesser Oceans”
  19. Calabrese “Lust For Sacrilege”
  20. Palisades “Mind Games”
  21. California X “Nights In The Dark”
  22. Aphex Twin “Classics”
  23. Aphex Twin “Selected Ambient Works 85-92”
  24. Sylosis “Dormant Heart”
  25. German Panzer “Send Them All To Hell”
  26. Ella Henderson “Chapter One”
  27. Donny Osmnond “Soundtrack Of My Life “
  28. Kat Dahlia “My Garden”
  29. Brahms “Symphony No. 2, Tragic Overture,Academic Festival Overture”
  30. Various Artists “Dj Spinna: Presents The Sound”
  31. Chris Potter Underground Orchestra “Sonatas Opp 31 & 49”
  32. Trilok Gurtu “Bad Habits Die Hard & THe Glimpse”
  33. Jerry Lee Lewis “Complete US & UK Singles A’s B’s, EP’s & Lp’s 1956-62”
  34. D.A. Foster “Real Thing”
  35. Kidz Bop “Kidz Bop 27”
  36. Woody Allen “Stand-Up Years”
  37. John Hiatt “My Kind Of Town”
  38. Soundtrack “Honeymoon In Vegas”
  39. Soundtrack “Fantasia: Walt Disney Records Legacy Collection”
  40. Soundtrack “Sharknado 2: The Second One”
  41. Soundtrack “Boardwalk Empire: Vol.3 Music From The Original HBO Series”
  42. Soundtrack “Walking With The Enemy”
  43. Witchrider “Unmountable Stairs”
  44. Little Feat “Hellzapoppin”
  45. Soundtrack “Paddington”
  46. Liam Hayes “Slurrup”
  47. Antico “Music For Compline”
  48. Jongen/Lazzari “Romantic Violin Concerto Vol. 18”
  49. Lou Reed “Hassled In April”
  50. Sextrash “Sexual Carnage”
  51. Johnny Winter “Remembrance 1”
  52. Insomnium “Candlelight Years”
  53. Crowbar “Lifesblood For The Downtrodden”
  54. Expendables “Sand In The Sky”
  55. 1349 “Candlelight Years”
  56. Suzanne Vega “Live At The Speakeasy”
  57. It’s A Beautiful Day “Workin The Goldmine”
  58. Various Artists “Essential Radio Hits Of The 60’s”
  59. James & The Ultrasounds “Bad To Be Here”
  60. Billy Wild Childish “CTMF/Acorn Man”
  61. Mr. Oizo “Church”
  62. Antonio Zambujo “Rua Da Emenda”
  63. Dvorak “Violin Concerto, Piano Trio Op. 65”
  64. Vivaldi “The Four Seasons; Rebel: Les elements”
  65. Bach “Goldberg Variations”
  66. Moody Blues “Magnificent Moodies”
  67. Deluxe Edition

  68. Marc Bolin & T. Rex “Electric Boogie 1971”
  69. Wands “Dawn”
  70. Magma “Slag Tanz”
  71. It’s A Beautiful Day “Workin The Goldmine”
  72. Various Artists “Essential Radio Hits Of The 60’s”
  73. James & The Ultrasounds “Bad To Be Here”
  74. Billy Wild Childish “CTMF/Acorn Man”
  75. Anonymous 4 “1865-Songs Of Hope & Home From The American Civil War”
  76. Sonny Rollins “Prestige Years”
  77. Mose Allison “Collection 1956-62”
  78. Muggsy Spanier “Collection 1924-49”
  79. Ian Hendrickson-Smith Quartet “Live At Smalls”
  80. Theo Hills “Live At Smalls”
  81. Mystic Revealers “Crucial Cuts”
  82. Floyd Cramer “Dallas;The Best Of The West”
  83. Various Artists “Billboard #1 Gospel Hits”
  84. Caterina Valente “Caterina Valente Singers;Happy Caterina”
  85. Morton Gould “Goodnight Sweetheart; Love Walked In”
  86. Al Hirt & The Boston Pops “Goes Latin; Glenn Miller Years”
  87. Skitch Henderson “Skitch Tonight; More Skitch Tonight”
  88. Andre Kostelanetz “You Light Up My Life; Andre Kostalanetz Plays The Theme From Superman And Other Pop Hits Of Today”
  89. Soundtrack “Song One”
  90. Soundtrack “Laggies”
  91. Shania Twain “Icon”
  92. Gabor Szabo “Faces”
  93. Convent Guilt “Guns For Hire”
  94. Last Ten Seconds Of Life “Souless Hymns”
  95. Manilla Road “Out Of The Abyss”
  96. Various Artists “Full Court Press 1”
  97. Frankenstein 3000 “Americas Hit Makers”
  98. Nigel Kennedy “Four Seasons”
  99. Sonya Yoncheva “Paris Mon Amour”
  100. Various Artists “Deeply Vale Box Set”
  101. Aevangelist “Writhers In the Murky”
  102. Urgehal “Atomkinder”
  103. Manes “Be All End All”
  104. Sssheensss “Strapping Stallions”
  105. Desolate Shrine “Heart Of The Netherworld”
  106. Jefferson Airplane “Last Stand At Winterland”
  107. Dobet Gnahore “Na Dre”
  108. Rota “La Strada, Il gattopardo, Concert-Soiree”
  109. Joachim Kuehn “Dynamics & I’m Not Dreaming: Collectors Premium”
  110. Clifford Brown “13 Classic Albums: 1954-1960”
  111. Justin Kauflin “Dedication”
  112. Sonny Rollins “Prestige Years”
  113. Gabor Szabo “Nightflight”
  114. Spike Wilner “Live At Smalls”
  115. Peter Nero “Fantasy & Improvisations; Nero Goes Pops”
  116. Skitch Henderson “Hollywood Award Winners; Lush & Lovely”
  117. Boston Pops & Arthur Fiedler “Jalousie; Tenderly; All The Things”
  118. Roberto Delgado “Bouzouki Magic/Bouzouki King”
  119. Stan Kenton Orchestra “Kenton Roars At The Golden Lion”
  120. Execration “Morbid Dimensions”
  121. Lords Of Mercy “Lords Of Mercy”
  122. Lindsay Cooper “Rarities 1&2”
  123. Scriabin “The Complete Preludes Vol.1”
  124. Scriabin “The Complete Etudes”
  125. Scriabin “The Complete Preludes Vol.2”
  126. Mozart “Horn Concertos Nos. 1-4, Horn Quintet”
  127. Strikeforce “Elegant Steel”
  128. Sparks “Left Coast Angst”
  129. Legendary Pink Dots “10 To The Power Of 9”
  130. Martin Barre “Order Of Play Collector’s Edition”
  131. Hindemith “Sonatas For Piano And…”
  132. Rameau “Nouvelles Suites”
  133. Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and Zubin Mehta “Prokofiev: Romeo & Juliet (Excerpts), Respighi: Pines of Rome, Trittico Botticelliano”
  134. Mussorgsky “Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition; Schumann: Fantasie”
  135. Einherjer “Av Oss For Oss”
  136. Handel “Music For Queen Caroline”
  137. Mozart “Requiem”

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The Vinyl Junky Reviews Ripple



The Vinyl Junkie


Just last week, Silver Platters found one of the rarer funk records by Ripple. As you remember, Ripple blasted its version of funk and soul during the early 1970s.  In 1973, they cut their debut, which contained their signature tune, the finger-snapping “I Don’t Know What It Is, But It Sure Is Funky” complete with bluesy horn breaks. You might also sample the more orchestrated “Get Off.”

Silver Platters found a very rare white-label promo version of this LP with the oversized timing strip on the front, which I have never seen before. If you collect soul and funk, please look at this gem before it quickly vanishes.

Until next week when I unearth a few more gems at Silver Platters, keep collecting and searching for the perfect record.



Dr. Dave Szatmary

Author of

Rockin’ In Time


A Local Kid’s Guide to Local Music at Bumbershoot 2014


By Zoe K.

Bumbershoot is the holy grail of musical celebration for kids growing up in the Pacific Northwest. I attended my first Bumbershoot when I was 15, and it was like my rite of passage into adulthood. I had just discovered that there was a whole world of music out there that wasn’t being played on mainstream radio, and this was my chance to experience it live. The highlight of the festival for me was seeing The Presidents Of The USA on the mainstage in Memorial Stadium. The energy of the band and the crowd was unlike anything I had felt before, and I quickly got lost in the sea of sweaty people. This was where I belonged.

For young local performers, playing Bumbershoot is a huge achievement. One of the grand prizes for the EMP’s Sound Off! contest is getting to play the festival. This year, at least three Sound Off! alums will be performing, including veterans Schoolyard Heroes (2003) and The Lonely Forest (2006), as well as newcomer Sam Lachow (2012).

Every year there are tons of PNW artists performing at Bumbershoot. It would be understandable to ask, “I can see them anytime at The Sunset or The Crocodile, so why would I want to check out these local bands at a festival?” I’ll give you some reasons. First, one thing I love about seeing bands in many different settings is getting a totally different vibe from the show. Seeing Rose Windows play at the Fountain Lawn Stage in the afternoon will emphasize the grandeur of their sunny psychedelic sound, whereas seeing them at a DIY venue like the Black Lodge at midnight brings out the heavier guitar riffs. Also, it’s fun to follow a band as they evolve over the course of their career. The Head And The Heart are one of the headliners this year, but five years ago they were playing open mic nights at Conor Byrne. This will be The Lonely Forest’s last show after almost a decade of being part of the Northwest music scene, which I’m sure will be an emotional experience.

There are plenty of local bands spanning many different genres to discover this year. If you try one and don’t like it, there are over a dozen other shows happening simultaneously that might better suit your tastes. Take your pick:

La Luz, Sandrider, Iska Dhaaf, The Head And The Heart, Pickwick, Red Fang (Portland), The Lonely Forest (Anacortes), Schoolyard Heroes, Rose Windows, Shelby Earl, Hobosexual, Sam Lachow, Sandrider, Greyskul, Jarv Dee, Iska Dhaaf (soon to be NYC-based), Massy Ferguson, Cumulus, Modern Kin (Portland), Dude York (Walla Walla), La Luz, Fly Moon Royalty, Golden, Gardens, Kid Hops, RA Scion

We’re Sponsoring SIFF’s “Face The Music” Series

Silver Platters is a proud sponsor of Seattle International Film Festival’s “Face The Music” series! In celebration of this we’re giving away passes to screenings of three of the films. Come into any one of our stores and select one pass from these three choices “Beautiful Noise,” “Frank,” and “3 Mile Limit.” Each pass is good for one entry. Offer good while supplies last , first come first served.

Beautiful Noise Trailer:

Frank Trailer:

3 Mile Limit Trailer:

CPE Bach: Magnificat


CPE Bach: Magnificat

By Matt F

CPE Bach, out of all of JS Bach’s musical sons, is probably the most consistently rewarding no matter where you venture with him. JC Bach had his charms (I’m particularly fond of his vocal music and arias) and WF Bach wrote some fascinating keyboard works, but CPE wrote brilliant orchestral music, choral pieces, chamber music, and keyboard works. Much like his father, everything he approached was done with a great  level of expertise.

Harmonia Mundi has a released a clever little disc mirroring a charity concert that CPE Bach headed in 1786 consisting of two of his choral works and his much celebrated Symphony in D. The first choral piece, the Magnificat, was written with the intention of replacing his father as the Kantor in Leipzig. Oddly enough (or perhaps intentionally so) I hear very little JS Bach in that piece, instead I sense a very strong Handelian influence, which in a way makes sense. Handel knew how to write music for a celebration pretty much better than anyone. The 2nd piece, Helig ist Gott, under-stays it’s welcome, clocking in at right around 8 minutes. Bach thought highly of it, believing that it would ensure his immortality, but if there’s a composition in Bach’s body of work that will keep his memory alive, my money is on his Symphony in D. Melodically memorable, concise and economically scored, it fits easily into any CPE Bach revue and almost undoubtedly steals the show (as it does here).

Silver Platters’ Sasquatch Series


Silver Platters’ SASQUATCH! Music Festival Preview Series

Modern Kin: March 29th at 1 PM
The Grizzled Mighty: April 5th at 3 PM
Shelby Earl: April 6th at 3 PM
Hobosexual: April 19th (Record Store Day) Time is TBA!

You are invited to come out and see some of the local artists playing at this year’s Sasquatch Music Festival! We hope that you’ll get to hear the local artists that you love and come to love some artists that you’ve never heard before!

We will also be giving away a pair of 3-day passes to Sasquatch! on Record Store Day. There will be a chance to enter to win at all of the stores.

Solids “Blame Confusion”



Blame Confusion 

By Jeremiah S.

Solids are a relatively new guitar/drums duo from Canada, but they aren’t another White Stripes/Black Keys clone (thank god!). The band is heavily influenced from 90’s alternative rock and for the most part wouldn’t sound too out of place in a mix tape from Seattle’s glory days. Their sound is pretty much emo (think Sunny Day Real Estate or Modest Mouse) buried in layers of feedback and noise (a la Sonic Youth or Nirvana). Blame Confusion is their (dare I say it?) grungy debut.